Sunday, February 7, 2010

Myrina by Mistake

Written 7 February, 2010

Myrina by Mistake

A couple of weeks ago, while following Sweetie around on one of her quests, we came to the Myrina sim.

There's an interesting mountain, a lot of water area, and a mall. That build-in-progress in the background is a giant pinball machine.

We had fun on the mountain. We found a long, perfectly-bored tunnel.

Until Sweetie fell off in her Oui Coupe.

If that looks like a six-shooter on the side of the car, that's because it is. We had just arrived from the Arizona sim.

The mall was unmemorable...

... but the large underwater area (perhaps half the sim) was heavily primmed...

... and fun to negotiate with our Ouimobiles.

We really need to learn to detach our prim skirts before climbing into those tiny cars!

We really had fun on the sim. Clearly, it's unfinished, and it doesn't seem to be particularly set up for visitors, but the treacherous road up the mountain was fun to drive and it was fun to wander through the underwater coral forests. We really appreciated the owner making it accessible to strangers.

On thing puzzled me, though. Stashed away underwater we found a dozen or more roulette tables and dozens of pinball machines like these:

The machines were unscripted, but were non-operational, at least to me, who wasn't in the owner's group.

I"m not sure what's up. Perhaps the machines are only for decoration. Or perhaps the sim owner is thinking she can hide the machines underwater. Who knows?

If it's an underwater Second Life speakeasy, though, I would sure love to know the password!

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