Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Scary Profile Changes in Viewer 2

Written 24 Feburary, 2010

Scary Profile Changes in Viewer 2

James Au, in his New World Notes, was quick to pick up on the way the new Second Live 2 viewer puts the second life profile into juxtaposition with the usually ignored first life profile

Au uses this profile of ColeMarie Soleil by way of illustration:

Notice how the first and second life panels are next to one another.

This is no coincidence; it's clearly a move toward Linden Lab's hopes we avatars will use our real names. 

Sweetie found it so scary she removed her real life photo from her profile. I don't blame her.


Whatcha Eaton said...

I completely agree with your conclusion, Chey. In the old viewer it was rare for someone to "click through" to the 1st life tab so finding someone's RL picture was a bit of a treat and something a person would have to go digging for. Not so now. Obviously I can't cry big tears about privacy since I am the one who put my RL picture up, but I wasn't expecting the easy exposure. Haven't decided what to do about it.

Oh... and the profile pictures are now square as opposed to slightly wider than tall. This is probably a good thing over all but I have always compensated for this in Photoshop before uploading. My picture is "squished" from left to right now.

Kabalyero said...

yup, downloading it right now. hope it works with my old computer but if not then there is always emerald to fall back too.

Anonymous said...

I downloaded the viewer, used it one time, and am going to uninstall it--I HATE it. Nothing is where it was in the earlier viewer, I hate the tabs, hate that I can't see the profiles the old way. Will be using Emerald from now on. Plus I crashed not ten minutes into using it.

Eliza Cabassoun