Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Morning Machinima

Sunday Morning Machinima, 28 February, 2010

Today we feature the Second Life tutorials of Torley Linden.

Look here for a comprehensive list of Torley's great tutorials.

These featured tutorials taught me things about which I had no clue-- after being in world for more than a year!

Here's a single video that includes information for perhaps six of Torley's early videos. Some of the things he mentions (like setting darkness of the night) no longer works, but there are lots of gems in there nevertheless.

Here's another early video. Watch to learn how to do extreme closeups and wide angle shots.

Torley's tips cover all sorts of things. Here's something I never thought about-- if you have a Linden plant in your coalesced objects, you can rez it only on your own land.

Torley's videtuids are helpful for advanced Second Lifers...

Here's his vidtuit on planar textures.

And beginners. Here Torley explains how to sit.

Torley is funny, and his short films are entertaining. If you watch them you'll be bound to learn things you'll wish you knew a year ago.

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