Sunday, February 14, 2010

Log and Load

Written 14 February, 2010

Log and Load

Four our fourth Valentine's Day together, Sweetie and I had a wonderful time. We celebrated the holiday all weekend!

We didn't wait until Sunday to exchange presents. When Sweetie logged in Saturday morning I jumped to the Karoastoff sim, home to K&R Engineering (texture organizers, Greedy Greedy and other games) and Capalini Designs.

This time, it was Capalini Designs that drew me. I had seen some nice music boxes on my last visit, and I was a woman with a purpose.

"Stand by to receive your present," I said. "I'm trying to decide whether to get you the romantic one or the steampunky one that will excite your imagnation."

"I can't have both?" she asked.

So of course, she got both:

I teleported Sweetie to Karoastoff to see the beautiful railroad terminal that wasn't there last time we visited. That resulted in a frenzy of picture-taking-- well, perhaps frenzy isn't the proper word, since Sweetie gets lost for long minutes composing a single picture. Me, I just point and shoot, point and shoot, point and shoot and occasionally get something worthwhile.

When we got home Sweetie unpacked and played with her music boxes. Then I took a quick jump to deposit money in an XStreet termiinal and ordered her third present:

Yep, log and load!

It was a matched set of Colt pistols, cleverly scripted and beautifully primmed and textured.

Soon she was blazing away at a pair of targets I stuck on the wall of our shower.

The uh, glass wall.

I may one day come to regret arming Sweetie so heavily. She is a GOOD shot. Check the holes in those targets?

What's what? Oh, that! That's a very well made tarot machine we found on Sunday on Intemporel Arkham, where I took this photo:

By the way, Sweetie took me to Virrginia Tombola's store on Caledon Eyre and bought me this great flying bird (it was created by Virrginia and Ilsa Munro):

It took a while to figure out how to get the bird to go. (It turns out you must sit on its head rather than its back).

I flew Sweetie all over Whimsy. My computer was running so slowly I got no photos, but Sweetie took this great shot:

On Sunday we went horseback riding.

I've posterized a portion of the following photo to preserve Sweetie's secret identity.

We wound the weekend down by watching a performance of Balet Pizelle on the IBM sims. Here's is a photo I took:

And here's a much better one taken by Sweetie:

We did lots of other things, too. We played Greedy Greedy with our friend Dalton and when he began playing his electric guitar we turned ourselves into bandbots and became an orchestra. We watched a tv show online. While horsebck riding, we got kicked off of a sim by someone who didn't even own property there (I went back after a few minutes and determined this). On Saturday we went dancing while listening to live music. After one good concert, Sweetie did a dozen jumps before she found a second musician she felt was worth listening to. "He just said the next song is about addiction." Jump. "Banjos aren't really appropriate for Valentine's Day." Jump. "I think that's the real life Tony Bennett!" Jump. Jump. Jump. Jump. We finally found a nice musician and danced until we were both ready to go to bed.

I"m sure we did a hundred other things, but this post is already too long!

We had a wonderful weekend together separately (we were 850 miles apart). We both have new fun toys to play with, and we were both worn out by Sunday's end. It was a great V Day!

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