Thursday, February 18, 2010

Posing for M Linden

Written 18 February 2010

Posing for M Linden

Sweetie has taken me twice to Shareta Osumai, a new infohub built adjacent to the new Linden homes.

She was quite impressed with the quality of the build. "If there had been a place like this when I was new..." she said.

Yeah, but then she might not have met me!

The sim features a series of pagodas on a hillside and a variety of new Linden plants. Sweeite was enraptured by a Linden Mole-built dragon that was wrapped around a tree.

I guess that dragon stuck in her mind, because last night she wanted to fly around the area as a dragon.

Great, I said.

Oh. She wanted me to become a dragon, too.

I did, and I'm glad I did, for as soon as we arrived I spotted some avatars at one of the pavilions. I flew down, and there, of all people, was a Linden.

And not just A linden, THE Linden-- M Linden.

Yeah, THAT M Linden, Mark Kingdon, the CEO of Linden Labs.

M asked to take our photo and of course we said yes. And I took his (see the above shots).

M soon had to leave to do whavever CEOs do at 7 pm (play putt putt in their offices?) and we resumed our exploration of the area.

Sweetie's favorite Linden houses-- and mine-- were the Asian ones-- but the first time she smacked into a red fence, she was done.

It's our opinion that the builds will be a mess once all the privacy fences go up. What a shame!

Here are some pictures of the area...


Can you see Sweetie waving?

Here are the Asian Linden houses...

And here are a few photos of our dragons: