Saturday, December 19, 2009

Chey Loves GIMP!

Written 19 December, 2009

Chey Loves GIMP!

I'm slowly learning the vagaries of the GNU Image Manipulation Program-- known affectionately as GIMP.
GIMP is like PhotoShop on the Atkins Diet. It's lean, it's mean, it's open source, it's...

Did I mention it's free?

It's free!

When I took the photos of Sweetie water skiing as a robot, I unfortunately had the Show Interface in Snapshot button ticked on. That meant the resulting photos were complete with chat lines, avatar name bubbles, and the buttons on the top and bottom of the screen.

A simple crop got rid of the top and bottom interface lines, but the photos needed major help.

Enter GIMP.

I used the blur and clone tools (and in one case a cut-and-paste of part of the ocean) to remove the unwanted parts of the photos.

I'm no expert, so a close look at the expanded photos will reveal the spots I worked on, but for casual purposes it worked fine.

Here's the original...

And here's the same photo after being GIMPed.

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