Sunday, December 13, 2009

Smugglers Ahoy!

Written 12 December, 2009

Smugglers Ahoy!

I spotted the smugglers' boat again, hanging around this time on Whimcentricity.

Looks like they're about to offload some cargo...

Oh, just fruit.

But wait!

What's that? Instant sex? Gay Johnny?

They're telling me those are authentic fruit and veggie crates from the first half of the XXth century, but I don't believe it for one minute!

Okay, I'm putting on my customs inspector hat and taking out my prybar and taking a look to see if there's contraband.

Just what I thought!

Dom Perignon!

That's it, I'm confiscating this boat in the name of the city-state of Whimsy!

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