Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bright Trees

Written 15 December, 2009

Bright Trees

My favorite palm trees are by Lilith Heart (above; you'll find a LOT of Lilith's plants around Whimsy), but on a homestead sim like Whimsy Kaboom it's nice to have an alternative with a ridiculously low prim count.

These nice sculpted palms by Tobias Novi come in a cluster of four trees at only two prims.

The little island in the foreground, with four prims for shadows, is filled by just eight prims!

Note the humpback whale breaching at upper right.

Six prims! (Not counting Cheyenne)

When viewed at the limit of draw distance, Tobias' palms look as if they've been ravaged by a cyclone, but prim rendering of other objects give similarly strange results. Note the bridge. Where did the other half go?

For a long time, though, Tobias' palms, when viewed at midnight and at a distance, looked to both Sweetie and myself as if they were on full bright.

Tobias' palms are modifiable, so I know they weren't full bright-- but they sure did look like it!

I asked several friends to come look at the palms, and they were kind enough to oblige me. None of them saw the palms on bright.

Neither did Tobias, who came out and took a look, too. He suggested we update our video drivers.
Just today I noticed the palms no longer showed full bright.

I suspect it has something to do with the recent server upgrade.

Since the upgrade teleports sometimes don't take and it's difficult to open peoples' profiles, but hey! Tobias' trees are no longer full bright!

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