Sunday, December 20, 2009

Jumping the Ship

Written 20 December, 2009

Jumping the Ship

 While windsurfing yesterday, I spotted a ship in the distance.

An aside: Recently, when I saw a video of two windsurfers jumping an auto bridge, I was intrigued.
 I can't seem to find the footage (it was on Huffington Post), but here's a video of another high windsurfing jump.

Scary, huh?

Guess what that boat made me want to do?


I mean, avatars can't break bones, can they?

Can they?

I approached.

I checked out the ship.

Hmmm. Not too tall. But boy, I need to avoid that wheelhouse and the cargo net.

Okay... here goes!

 The approach...

The execution...

Crap! Camera malfunction!

I hate this stupid broken interface. For months now the CTRL-~ keyboard shortcut has cropped the view. I was in the middle of the screen when I shot the photo, but wound up at upper right.

So let's try again...


Can we get a closeup of that?

Thank you.

And again...

Wow! That one was close!

I tell you, it's not easy to hold down the up arrow to move forward, hit the page up key to jump, and click the Snapshot button with the mouse-- all in a split second at a slow framerate!

But I'm a trained keyboard athlete, and I did it!

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