Thursday, December 17, 2009

Selling Whimsy Escapades

Written 17 December, 2009

Selling Whimsy Escapades

Want to know how to get to a brand new sim or a sim that's just been moved?

A Linden told me how, so listen up.

Just type the name of the sim in the little box when you start Second Life. You'll go directly there, even if it's not on the map.

Once you're there you can make a landmark.

So that's how I got to Whimsy Escapades, nee Celestial Moon.

The sim was entirely underwater, so I uploaded one of Sweetie's  beautiful landscapes. Hmmm. Which one?

Hills and Falls, that was it. Then I applied some terrain textures, added a few prims, and made an announcement on the For Sale By Owner group. I also did a blog post and made a classified and notified a couple of friends who I thought might be interested.

The sim sold several hours later. The money is in my Paypal and the tickets are in to the Lindens.

So that's what happened. I spent some money to reduce Whimsy's tier and eventually save some money.

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