Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Whimsy Has Been Closed

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Written 1 April, 2009

Whimsy Has Been Closed


This morning I lassoed the robot sanitorium, every piece, and took it into inventory. Then I flew down to the earth orbit build and took apart the universe in far less time than it took God to allegedly create it. I allowed myself to fall to the ground (which takes a while from 3000 meters), and when I hit the water I returned every prim on Whimsy Kaboom.

I flew to Whimsy and idly deleted and took objects: the lava in the volcano, the walkways, the blue whale, a palm tree, a bridge, my friend Melissa Yeuxdoux’s house, a section of train track. Then I said the hell with it and just returned about 10,000 prims, and the sim was bare.

I selected the whole sim in terrain edit and wiped out the landscaping.

Then I telephoned concierge service and told them I wanted Whimsy and Whimsy Kaboom removed from the grid within 15 minutes.

It took them nearly half an hour.

Standing on Leaf Shermer’s Eccentricity sim, starrng at open ocean where Whimsy and Whimsy Kaboom had so recently been, I began to delete stuff from my inventory. Vehicles. Gone. Furniture. Gone. Clothes. Gone. Hair. Gone. Shoes. Gone. Houses. Gone. Gadgets. Gone. Skins. Gone. Foliage. Gone. Animations. Gone. Poseballs. Gone. I had to relog before the prims I had returned showed up in Lost and Found. I deleted them. Gone.

I took off my Mystitool, my Animation Overrider, and my emoter and put them in the trash. Gone. I took off all my clothes and deleted them. Gone. I took off my hair and deleted it. Gone.

I left all my groups. Gone.

I deleted all my friends. Gone.

I made a new skin and textured it blank. Then I found the only item left in my inventory, the skin I had just been wearing, and deleted it. Gone.

Finally, I opened the trash, looked idly through the nearly 19,000 items it contained, lassoed them all, and purged them. Gone. Really gone.

Then I logged out and deleted Second Life from my hard drive. Gone.

Then I  went to the Second Life website and deleted my acount.

After a quick lunch, I went to the Blogger site and began wiping out posts. October, 2006. Gone.
November, 2006, Gone. Soon all the posts were gone.

I’m about to hit Publish. In 24 hours I’ll come back and delete this post.

And my second life will be gone.Forever.


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Tycho Beresford said...

I believed you right up until you said "I took off my Mystitool...".