Thursday, April 2, 2009

Everybody's a Critic

Written 2 April, 2009

Everybody's a Critic

It costs a lot of money to purchase and maintain a simulator in Second Life. Certainly, owners are entitled to do with them what they will-- but many sim owners strive to make a statement with their land.

Consequently, there are many fabulous sims in Second Life. Sometimes, however, you go to a sim and it's just so wonky, out of whack, preposterous (in the bad sense of preposterous), unworkable, and ridiculous that you feel what I was feeling when I wrote the previous post. It's the What Were They THINKING syndrome.

We've all visited places and felt just as peeved as I was when I wrote the above. Most of us are wise enough to not write about them.

Usually I don't, either. But sometimes, ya know, ya just gotta say what you think.

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