Sunday, April 19, 2009

Save Objects Back to Inventory is Disabled

Written 19 April, 2009

Save Objects Back to Inventory is Disabled

There's a little known feature in the Tools menu called Save Object Back to Inventory.

How little known? Even Sweetie didn't know about it, and Sweetie knows EVERYTHING!

About a month ago I suddenly started getting a blue box saying Save Back to Inventory was disabled.

That is, sometimes I got it. Other times I didn't. Since I at first figured it was a temporary problem and would soon be fixed, I lost some textures before I realized the feature had been turned off for the long term.

Here's how it works... er, worked.

In your inventory let's say there's a cube called Cube. It's nothing fancy, just a plywood cube. And of course, you being too lazy to rename it, it's called Object.

You pull it out of inventory and turn it green.

You can take the object back into your inventory. If you do, you'll have two objects named Object. One will be plywood, and one will be green-- and of course, short of rezzing  one of the objects,  there's no way of knowing which is which.

BUT if instead of taking the green prim back into inventory you select it, go to the Tools menu, and select Save Object Back to Inventory. The cube in your inventory will change to reflect the changes you made to the cube on the ground. You can then delete that prim, confident the changes are saved.

I used Save Object Back to Inventory all the time, especially with my texture organizers. I would pull one out, add or delete or reshuffle textures, save the organizer back to inventory, and then delete it.

Cool, huh? Yeah. And now the feature is disabled.

I'm hoping Save Object Back to Inventory is just broken and not on the way out by a unilateral and unannouced decision by the Lindens.

I'm not optimistic.

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Tycho Beresford said...

Do you know if there is a JIRA on this? Your hordes of fans would surely vote on it!