Monday, April 13, 2009

Destination Station

Written 13 April, 2009

Destination Station

A couple of weeks ago I followed Marnix Malifozik's blog (see my list of notable blogs to the left) to Destination Station on the Corona Cay sim. It’s a marvelous place with a building lined with photos of several hundred of Second Life’s most interesting and beautiful sims. Touching a picture gets you a notecard and opens the map for a teleport. Hey, there’s Whimsy, at the top there, just beside the door!

By chance, owner chugabug Goodnight was at hand. I gave her a landmark to the robot sanitorium (Whimsy Kaboom already on the wall) and we and a guy named Danny Dwyer began to chat about this and that.

It was about then that Sweetie logged in and teleported to me. In her pajamas.

Throw Sweetie into a perfectly civil conversation, and what you do you get?

You get all four of us occupying the same physical space, looking like an avatar hydra. You get me being bounced around a room by particles of black smoke. You find us being chased 45 rpm records playing Johnny Cash. You find our avatars being contorted and warped by photos on the wall. How strange, and how much fun! And all on the sim Locusolus.

Next time you're wondering where you might visit, bop over to Destination Station and take a landmark.
And watch Chugabug's video.

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