Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sweetie Drops In On Melissa

 Sweetie Mitosi
Written 19 April, 2009

Sweetie Drops In On Melissa

Last night Sweetie dropped in on our friend Meissa. Literally.

We had been playing Greedy Greedy on the roof of our House of 1000 Plesaures. When she got up to stretch, she walked off the edge of the house and fell all the way to the ground, 350 meters.

She went splat on Melissa's porch. Melissa just happened to be standing two meters away. I flew down and joined them. Here's what it's like to have a conversation when Sweetie is present.

Sweetie: Oh, hi, Melissa. Sorry to drop in ;) I dropped a corporeal bomb on your house.

Sweetie: No nono!

Sweetie: It was an atmospheric pratfall. Sweetie trademarks.

Melissa: Ah, but you were impeccably dressed for the fall.

Sweetie: Thanks :)

Cheyenne: This almost, not quite, but almost as funny as the time she landed on a couple making out under the Eiffel Tower at New Paris.

Sweetie: We're off to see Hey! dancer :)
Melissa: Hey! dancer?

Cheyenne: One of the pecularities of having Sweetie as a girlfriend is she cannot say the word light. It triggers a light show.

Sweetie: No,  I only display it. It is a kind of enthusiasm  for the illiterate around me. I am just considerate like that.

Melissa: Of course.

[The talk turned to Animation Overriders. Well, to Sweetie's animation overrider.]

Cheyenne: She resisted getting an AO for nearly three years, but now she has both a facial emoter AND an AO. Her AO is very Sweetie.It's called, and I kid you not, Drama Queen.

Melissa: Oh, that's perfect!

Sweetie: This is where I wave to my adoring public. They are always around, even if only in my mind.

Cheyenne: Here's to all you little people.

Sweetie: We were in the canoe the other day. I was waving, waving, just in case.

Cheyenne: Never know when her adoring public will pop in.

Melissa: Exactly.

Sweetie: (Turning upside-down). This is my attention-grabbing sit. Just in case anyone stops looking at me.

Melissa: Oh, my!

Cheyenne: If that fails, she "dies."

Sweetie: I cannot-- unfortunately-- combine the sit with the wave.

Melissa: "I am a parade."

Sweetie: A parade, you say? Oh, my, what a delightful segue! I am my own parade ;)

Melissa: Uh-oh. Dylan imitation alert!

Cheyenne: Her mind is blowin' in the wind.

Sweetie: Okay, I will be my own band, then!

[She pulls on her Madcow Cosmos bandbot (well, one of them) and begins laying down a beat. The avi she chooses is two robots carrying a banner. So now there are TWO Sweeties!]

Sweetie: We are musica!

Melissa: That would be a lovely thing. Get people (and robots of course) together for a Sweetie parade. Should she have a car or a palanquin?

Cheyenne: What we have here is Sweetie mitosis.When she splits into four, I'm outta here!

Sweetie: We are a multitude! :)

Melissa Yeuxdoux: May I take a picture?

Sweetie: Gees, I  love publicity!

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