Thursday, April 9, 2009

More on Behavior

 Written 9 April, 2009

More on Behavior

Whatcha Eaton left this comment to my SL Bullies post:

I've wondered about this as well and I would extend that thought beyond bullies to people (newbie and not) who seem to think their behavior in-world has no consequences. I'm talking about people who waltz into my house and avail themselves of the furniture (yes, even THAT furniture) even when I'm home.

As you mentioned there's nothing really harmful that these people can do to me and, since a lot of this stuff happens on land I control, I have several options for helping them leave, but I'm surprised at how many year-old characters think there's nothing wrong with behaving as they do.

I guess it's "just a game" to some people. I, on the other hand, live here.

LOL... I sound like an old man. "Kid's these days..." "Get off my lawn!"

Whatcha, I think sometimes it takes a while for people to understand that behind every avatar is a very real person. Some people, I am convinced, NEVER get it. I lost a very good friend because I was spending time with "imaginary people in an imaginary world." Even when she met Sweetie in real life, Sweetie wasn't real to her because I met her in Second Life. To many people IN world, it's the same. As far as they're concerned, they're interacting with cartoons.

To their credit, most people eventually figure out they shouldn't be coming into your house and using your sex bed while you're there.

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