Thursday, April 23, 2009

More on Save Objects Back to Inventory

Written 23 April, 2009

More on Save Objects Back to Inventory

My good friend and longtime reader Tycho Beresford has commented:

Do you know if there is a JIRA on this? Your hordes of fans would surely vote on it!

Indeed there is! Here's  JIRA SVC-578, for those who might want to vote on it.

Interestingly, I found a related JIRA about something I hadn't noticed. If you rez a prim, Save Objects Back to Inventory is enabled, even though that prim is not and has never been in inventory. 

When I checked on this I discovered Save Objects Back to Inventory is always enabled in the Tools menu, even when an object isn't selected. It should be grayed out. Maybe one of my readers would like to make a JIRA on this.

To reproduce:

Open the Tools menu.

Observed: Save Object Back to My Inventory is enabled.

Expected: Save Object Back to My Inventory should not be enabled, as no prim is selected

You gotta wonder about an interface that gets broken so frequently. Updating or improving one feature seems to have cascading effects all down the line. Server update. Uh-Oh. Now I'm slowly sinking instead of hovering and the interface seems sticky. New server update. The sinking problem is fixed and the interface is no longer sticky! Woo hoo. But uh-oh, I can't select attachments that are close to my body. New server update. Woo hoo! I can select attachments close to my body. But I'm sinking again! Help!

Gwyneth Llewelyn blogs that the cascade effect happens because the SL server software and client are kludged, stuck together as a whole in such a way that making any change will cascade, causing unpredictable and usually unfortunate consequences down the line. She contrasts this to the OS Grid server software, which is constructed in a modular fashion. Modules can be switched in and out and a problem with one module won't affect the others.

Unfortunately, Gwen's website seems to be somewhat broken this morning; I was unable to page back to get the URL to paste here-- but for those who care, the post was dated sometime earlier this year, most likely in January or February.

Nope, her website isn't broken at all. It's me who's broken. I just figured out how to page back. Check here.

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