Friday, November 14, 2008

Test Male, Test Female Redux

Photos (Top to Bottom) The Despised Noob. New Test Male. New Test Female.

Written 5 November, 2008

Test Male, Test Female Redux

If you follow the menus at the top of your screen like so (Advanced > Character > Character Test > Test Male (or Test Female), all of your clothing and attachments will disappear and you’ll immediately become the default male or female Second Life avatar.

Be careful if you do this to know where your shape, skin, eyes, and attachments are so you can find them later and revert to your usual self.

If you don’t see the Advanced menu, CTRL-ALT-D will bring it up.

I first blogged about this way back in July, 2007.

I noticed the other day the new default avatars have changed. The old, familiar noob males and females have been replaced with new avatars.
I sort of miss the old default avatars.

Fortunately, there’s a perfect noobie male made from sculpted prims. It’s not an avatar, just a picture-perfect object. It is, for all apparent purposes, a newborn male who is AFK.

Unfortunately, I’ve not yet seen a noobie female.

I fooled Sweetie with the male noob. I changed the hovertext script in its head so it would read Cheyenne Palisades instead of Philip Linden, stuck it in the House of 1000 Pleasures, and went outside and hovered in the air just under the floor so I would show on Sweetie’s avatar radar.

When Sweetie came back into the world after her break, she was fooled.

Fortunately, she chose not to retaliate.

IM me if you would like a free full perm male noobie.

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