Friday, November 7, 2008

OS Grid

Photos Taken on the OS Grid. For Some Reason
My Eyes Keep Disappearing, And So Does My Hair

Written 6 November, 2008

OS Grid

The OS Grid (, Blogger is being dorky again)  is an alternative virtual world based on viewer technology Linden Lab has opensourced. It looks almost exactly like Second Life. So, too, do any number of other grids.

OS Grid is predicated open OpenSim, a platform which, running Second-Life like server code, allows anyone to download free software and turn a spare computer in a server with their own Second-Life like regions. They can then connect these regions to OpenSim and theoretically, people are working hard to implemenet this) move their avatars between their own grids and the grids of others.

The OS Grid is new and buggy, with, as yet, no economy. Many features, including physical objects, are as yet unimplemented or poor implemented—but land is cheap and membership is free. It’s easy to register and log on, and an investment of less than a thousand dollars (that counts buying a server if you don’t already have a computer that can serve as one; if you already have a spare computer, the price will be minimal) will set you up with a mini-grid of your own.

This weekend I made an account on OS Grid and journeyed there. When I logged in, I found myself at a welcome area, one of a throng of newbies. I spotted someone who had been around for a couple of weeks, made friends with her, and got a landmark to her freebie store. There I picked up some skins, clothes, prim hair and shoes, and she gave me an animation overrider. I spent 15 minutes changing my shape to my Second Life specs, and then was off exploring.

OS Grid looks a lot like Second Life did in 2004. It’s raw and unpolished and buggy. I crashed frequently, and I tended to lose my hair at sim crossings. The Notes tab in Profiles wasn’t working, and I couldn’t see my body parts in the little windows in Appearance. But the experience was quite SL-like, and every one of my Second Life skills transported perfectly.

OS Grid and its brethren are still new and rough—they’re still in the alpha phase of development— but I have every expectation that in six months or a year they’ll be running smoothly and without many of the build-in limitations of Second Life. A lot of people will be migrating there from SL.

I may well be one of them.


Peter Stindberg said...

Did you check OpenLife as well? It seems the most popular among the SL clones.

Anonymous said...

I've been running a megaregion on OSGrid for about 6 months now, patiently waiting for an update, as in my opinion, it's not even worth logging in right now. My clothes and hair disappear every time I relog, the physics engine doesn't work, etc.

All this I could live with, but this has been the case since you wrote this article 2 years ago.

Their forums are practically dead, and frankly, I think OSGrid will die soon, also.

However, Inworldz IS making progress, as they are running it as a business and actually care about doing so. I'm almost tempted to pay them for a region, but even though it's cheaper than SL, it's still grossly overpriced, imo...

Anonymous said...

I hardly think your stating the truth here.. I run "SIX" Sims at once and never see a issue with the Physics engine. No one I know loses their hair. Maybe you have a extremely poor internet connection.. Personally I think you are just here to Troll with lies and non facts.

Why not go troll elsewhere?

Cheyenne Palisades said...

Anonymous, #2, clearly you have jumped into your time machine and gone back three years to comment on a post I made nearly three years ago. Who is trolling here?

Clearly the OS Grid has improved since I worte my original post. No issues with the physics engine? Why don't you jump on a vehicle and come over to SL and see what a real physics engine looks like? Oh, wait! You can't because vehicles STILL don't work on OS Grid.