Friday, November 14, 2008

Shopping With Sweetie

Photo: Sweetie has impeccable tastes, but everyone comes a clunker now and again. I never had the nerve to tell Sweetie what I thought of this outfit. But I guess I have now!

Written 14 October, 2008

Shopping with Sweetie

Imperiousness is not a characteristic one usually associates with cuteness, but my Sweetie frequently displays an adorable imperiosity that makes me want to crush her to my breast. This weekend, at the expo at the Fashion Universe sim, she was at her impetuous and imperious best.

“Here I am! You have ten seconds to impress me. Go!” she announced as she strode through the door of a shop that looked pretty good to me. Then she turned around and walked away toward the next shop, her petticoats bouncing to her newbie walk (Sweetie refuses to wear an AO).

“What happened to the ten seconds?” I asked her in IM.

“Didn’t need it,” she replied.

I followed her as she passed two shops that looked interesting to me and walked into a shop that looked like a blingtard’s heaven. She proceeded to stand for ten minutes in front of a gown that looked, to me, particularly mediocre.

“Rezzing?” I asked.

“No. This gown has an interesting cut. I’m thinking about buying it.”

“You’re kidding, right? It’s hideous.”

She bought it, and it looks fabulous on her.

We hit more shops.




“Nothing here.”

Sweetie is a card-carrying fashionista. She got her platinum card by having a wonderful sense of style. At one time I couldn’t understand her criticism of my hooker heels and blingy jewelry and just-a-little-too-big breast size; now I do. I would no doubt be a walking fashion disaster if it wasn’t for her keeping me on track. But shopping with her can be bewildering. Why did she pass up that shoe shop? I thought those slingbacks with fake toes looked pretty good. Why did she stop here? I see nothing spectacular. What’s wrong with this dress? It looks great in the photo. I should buy WHAT? That one? Why?

Life with Sweetie is never boring.

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Melissa Yeuxdoux said...

Hmmm... that is an interesting outfit. It kind of reminds me of the superhero improv exercise on Whose Line is it Anyway?, you know... "Ah, Traffic Sign Woman, I'm so glad you're here!"