Wednesday, November 5, 2008

OpenSpace Policy Revisited

Written 5 November, 2008

OpenSpace Policy Revisited

The Linden Blog today has an entry from M. Linden concerning OpenSpace sims.

Linden Lab is advancing a two-tier system for Openspaces-- a lower prim region with limited avatar and script usage and a $75 US monthly tier, and a higher prim region with more prims, scripts, and avatars allowed. The latter region will have a tier of $125, but there will be a six-month period in which the price will be $95.

M. thanks Second Life's residents for their mostly constructive feedback-- but I can't help but wonder whether the revised policy is the one the Lab wanted in the first place-- whether we have been played, made angry so we could accept what is still a betrayal.

For now, we'll be keeping Whimsy Kaboom under the second option. We're waiting to hear from Michel Runningbear about Whimsical Mischief.

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