Sunday, November 16, 2008

We Have the Technology. We Can Build It.

Written 14 November, 2008

We Have the Technology. We Can Built It.

My Sensual Casanova animation overrider wrecked, for its notecards called heavily upon my lately treasured and now missing no-copy anims. Scripts messages were popping up every few seconds.

I detached the Sensual AO, but after a day without an animation overrider, I was a nervous wreck. I felt naked. I tracked down Sensual’s new store, jumped there, and bought a replacement. Whew! Identity crisis resolved!

I remembered where I had picked up some of my animations (I especially love Antonelli’s _ascend_), and I replaced them. Then I pulled all of my “this might work in my AO” animations from my inventory and from various pose stands in which I had them stashed and put them in a blank pose stand. And then I spent several days previewing them and deciding which made the AO cut.

AOs all work the same. You can buy them customized, filled with coy poses, or slave girl of Gor poses, or nekko poses. Most likely, though, there will be a few clunkers in your AO or at least you’ll wish you could add that great pose you found on Animation Island.

You can stuff any pose into any animation overrider, but if it’s not full perm, you’ll need to put the AO on the ground to do it. Then you pick the AO up, attach it, and edit the default card inside the AO to call the pose or poses of your choice. If you get the names just right, the AO will begin to call those poses. If you’ve chosen rightly, your avatar will move in ways that please you, transitioning smoothly between states.

Happily, AOs have the ability to call upon any notecard in their inventory; this means you can load custom poses for a variety of activities. Want poses that work with tight skirts, or poses to animate your mermaid/merman avatar, or poses that make you act seductively?

No problem, so long as you have the cards configured correctly.

And so, AOs, if you have fiddled with them, become personal, a reflection of your personality, and being without them is jarring.

This weekend I’ll be putting together a ZHAO-II AO with at least three notecards. But until I get it working, I’ll be secure, knowing my trusty Sensual Casanova overrider is on the job.

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