Saturday, November 15, 2008

AO Troubles

Photos: HUD closed, HUD Dropdown, or, in this case, Dropup

Written 14 November, 2008

AO Troubles

When I had been in Second Life a couple of days, someone gave me what I now know was a Framations animation overrider. At the time, all I knew was it gave me custom stands to replace the default (newbie) animations and that I had to talk to it in chat to turn it on and off.

After a few weeks I realized the poses in the Framation weren’t very good. The stands were dramatic (I remember one, unfondly, which clasped my hands together behind my head), and I leaped from stand to stand instead of moving naturally from one to the next.
A little investigation brought me to the store of Sensual Casanova, where I invested heavily (or so it seemed at the time) in her Zhao-based AO. I was lucky; her poses, and especially the stands, seemed appropriately Cheyenneish—and being a Zhao, it sat on my screen as a HUD, where I could turn it on and off by touch. And so an AO became part of my Second Life.
As I learned more about Second Life, I began to insert custom poses into Sensual’s AO. It was frustrating because the name of the pose in the AO and the name of the pose in the notecard that sat in the AO had to match exactly. Extra or dropped characters and certain characters, such as commas, confused it and caused script error messages.

Eventually, though, I tamed my first notecard and even made a second with alternate poses. I was happy with my custom jumps, falls, lands, crouches, walks, runs, sits, ground sits, swims, flies, and stands.

Meanwhile, someone introduced the ZHAO-II HUD, which extends the capabilities of the ZHAO. Where my Sensual AO allowed five stands, walks, sits, and ground sits, the ZHAO provided room for many more, and an ability to customize the ways they were called.

For her nearly two-and-a-half years in SL, my Sweetie has been without an AO. None seemed to suit her, and the very thought of typing the names of custom poses accurately in a notecard made her catatonic. But last week, at ANA-MATIONS, she found just the AO.

And wouldn’t you know it, it was called Drama Queen.

Sweetie got her AO running without a problem, moving her poses into a ZHAO-II that resides in her Mystitool. She is now, without question, a drama queen.

As for me, well, I figured that as much as I loved my Sensual AO, it was time to switch to a ZHAO-II, and so I converted my notecards to ZHAO-II format and moved my poses from the Sensual AO to a temporary folder in my inventory, and from there to the new AO.

And in so doing, I somehow lost all my no-copy custom animations.



Tiessa said...

I lost all of my no-copy animations once as well moving them from object to folder and back to another object.

My first mistake was to move all of them at once, it took so long that transferring them timed out. The client thought it moved them all but the server hadn't moved them.

The second thing I learned is that they aren't necessarily gone. Immediately go to the preferences menu and flush your disk cache. Relog and look in the folder you put them in.

Even now, a few days later they may still be there, hidden. Try flushing the cache and see what happens.

Good luck.

Cheyenne Palisades said...

I did clear the cache, no luck. I am SO going to go look in the AO, though, in case they finally showed up there! Thanks for the advice!