Friday, July 27, 2007

Test Female, Test Male

Written 27 July, 2007

Test Female, Test Male

This morning I found a new entry on the Linden blog, all about the Client menu on the Second Life interface. (If you don’t have a client menu, hit CTRL-ALT-D, or, if that doesn’t work, SHIFT-CTRL-ALT-D).

Torley talked about some interesting stuff, some of which I didn’t know. But he didn’t talk about what I’m about to talk about.

It's super secret stuff.

You must pay me five lindens to learn it.

Just kidding.

I think.

While poking around the Client menu, I found an option called Test Female (there was also Test Male). I selected it.


Instantly, I was a newbie. Newbie skin. Newbie shape. Newbie clothes. Newbie shoes. Newbie hair.

My Horizon Olive skin by Max was gone. My shape, with the thighs Sweetie loves, were gone. My Mystikal BubblePony was gone. My Sylfie’s shoes were gone. My hugger and HUD compass and Animation Override and sexy walk and emoter and Mystitool were gone. My RAC brown eyes were gone.

Gone! All of it! Gone, I say!

I was that most despised thing of Second Life, a newbie!

I’m soooo glad no one was around to witness my embarrassment!

It requires soooo much courage to post the snapshot I took!

With shaking hands I dragged by Cheyenne startup folder onto me. Presto! I was restored! Mysti, shoes, hair, skin, shape, compass, sexy walk, everything!

Except for the residual post-traumatic avatar disorder.

The next day I took Sweetie and our friend Kat out to show them the very same HUD compass that disappeared.

Oh, the shame! I had to do it.

I tested female.

So of course they had to do it. Kat tested female and then worked her way back to normal by showing us the cartoonishly skinny avatar she made after arriving in world (she thought if she was really skinny she would stop waking into things).

Sweetie, intrepid explorer that she was, tested male.

She was instantly a sandy-haired, t-shirted, blue-jean-wearing dude.

Photo op!

Avatar changes are difficult for Sweetie, since she has never taken the time to build a drag-on Sweetie folder. Kat and I watched her as she searched through her inventory folders, finding scattered items and slowly transforming from male to female. It got a little weird there when she was wearing male skin, shape and hair and the blue sari I love so much on her, but I stood by her during her difficult time until, finally, I had my Sweetie back.

I have seen my Sweetie’s inner male.

I still love her.

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