Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Volcano Goddess Jumps

Pele Under Construction

Pele Renewed

26 March, 2008

The Volcano Goddess Jumps

Before I sold Pele, I had a long talk with the volcano goddess of the same name. I wanted to be certain she would come with me and Sweetie.

Sitting on the edge of the caldera, I gave her my word I would make a suitable home for her on the Whimsy sim. She graciously agreed to move with us.

And indeed, the new volcano Pele is the major geologic feature on the Whimsy sim. It stands more than 10 meters taller than the first Pele, and looks a bit different both because of the Hawaii-like terrain textures and a rock face on the western edge of the caldera. The lava pool is the same size, and, like the original, there is a secret way to go under the wadeable lava.

With the lava pool and temple to the goddess in place, Pele made the move last night from the Forsaken sim to Whimsy, and with hardly any grumbling—although I suspect she would have grumbled more than a bit if I had had her erupt mode in place.

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