Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Full Occupancy

Written 26 March, 2008

Full Occupancy

Sweetie and I had in mind selling and renting a few parcels on Whimsy, but it was distant in our minds, something to do after we spent a couple of weeks setting things up. But the fact was, after our two days of rezzing ridiculous object and chasing around the sim crashing vehicles, Whimsy came together almost immediately. It just suddenly WAS.

Our friend Feminist Expedition (great name, huh?) was on the sim immediately. Within 24 hours she had sold her land and was putting prims down—which were getting buried because were were still terraforming. And her friends came with her.

And so we made five parcels on the Southeast quadrant and sold them: a 6k lot to Fem, and four smaller ones to her friends (and now mine), who have been having a great time putting in houses and plants and wildlife. I’ve been assisting them, fixing doors and screens and lengthening poles of tiki houses so they reach the ground. They’re a delightful bunch.

Suddenly we have a community here on Whimsy.

Whimsians. That’s the name of our new group. Sweetie’s title is Manic Muse of Whimsy. I’m still deliberating about my tag and trying to think of an appropriate name for Whimsy’s new natives.

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