Thursday, March 6, 2008

Too Much Plywood!

Written 6 March, 2007

Too Much Plywood!

I was gridhopping just now, checking out locations I have heard about. One, Victorianna Castle, was initially quite striking, but everywhere I zoomed my camera I saw raw plywood. Most of the faces that were untextured were buried against other prims, but some were noticeable as one walked around. Not the effect, I imagine, for which the builder of such an impressive edifice was stiving.

So builders, how about texturing the ENTIRE prim, and not just the parts you think someone will see? Even if you are using a texture with limited perms that makes you have to drag it to every prim face, know there are those of us who will be seeing the faces you have left untextured, and we will not be impressed. Slap on at least a coat of primer, will ya?


Peter Stindberg said...

/me likes Plywood ;-)

Cheyenne Palisades said...

Some of my readers may know that Peter is the creator of the plywood man avatar-- a tribute to the prim.