Sunday, March 9, 2008

Holding Pattern

Written 9 March, 2008

Holding Pattern

The last week has been difficult.

Things are actually going well. The money for the island purchase is in the bank, plans have been made for an orderly transition, and I've just been waiting for Friday, when I plan to order the island, and Saturday, the day of the Aloha Pele! party and the day I begin to carefully dismantle Pele.

I keep wanting to take things into inventory, and for the most part I've resisted, although I did disappear the Pele Community Center, since no one seemed to use it but me and it gave me something to do.

And this morning I deeded Pele from group back to me, since sales distribute money equally to everyone in a group. In so doing, I forgot that I had also deeded the 4k addition I purchased a couple of months ago, and, with the sale, went temporarily over the prim limit. 75 or so prims were returned, all of them, I'm afraid to say, Sweetie's. Sweetie HATES having prims returned, for the further clutter her already cluttered Lost and Found. The new addition she was building onto the House of 1000 Pleasures were gone, and, it seems, at least one of her elven drums. She will not be happy when she logs on and I reads the IM I left her, or calls and I tell her about her prims. Maybe I'll run away to GOR for the night and role play my shame.

Just kidding.

But I am horrified that I wiped out Sweetie's house addition.

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