Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The REAL Story of Whimsy

Written 26 March, 2008

The REAL Story of Whimsy

Yesterday morning I awoke at 6:30 am—an ungodly early hour for me. I came in world and after about an hour I’d made a giant tiki drinking bird (pictured).

According to Whimsy’s covenant:

Whimsy was rediscovered by Cheyenne and Sweetie when they found themselves on its shores after a freak “routine downtime” Second Life accident. Fascinated by the Paleolithic drinking bird they found on the shore, they claimed the land and declared Whimsy an independent nation-state.

So clearly, I had to come up with a drinking bird.

But the covenant is for public consumption. That’s not QUITE what happened.

Now I suppose you’ll want me to tell you how Whimsy WAS rediscovered.

Okay. I’m easy. I’ll tell you.

You see, it was those bastards from TSA.

Yeah, the Teleportation Security Administration.

It seems Teleport Tom declared Condition Agitated. TSA personnel looked to their list of potential enemy combatants and of course Sweetie’s name came up. They looked away from Hillary Clinton's passport file and grabbed Sweetie's folder. I mean, she DID lop off all those heads.

They came, like before, in the middle of the night, assisted, we believe, by Dreamland, those sellouts. We were on the Resolution poseball and so were preoccupied, and before we realized it we were surrounded by a gang of forty or so jackbooted thugs in TSA jackets and a few in badly-textured Dreamland and Long Live Anche Chung sweaters, so many of them the sim lagged horribly. I began to methodically ban avies, but it was a bot army; agents rezzed only seconds earlier kept teleporting in.

I was REALLY wishing I had access to estate controls so I could set the sim limit to just two avatars!

Sweetie’s katana was flashing snicker-snack and the pile of heads at our feet was growing at a vorpal rate, but I could see we would eventually be overwhelmed. I opened the map and double-clicked a random location; I had no idea where I might land. In the middle of an ocean, I supposed, or in (ugh!) Gor. As soon as I landed I sent a quick teleport assist to Sweetie and a second to the volcano goddess Pele.

We found ourselves on the shores of uninhabited Whimsy. And there was this awesome drinking bird. I made it yesterday morning, but it was there when we arrived. Such is SL.

So we claimed the sim and declared Whimsy an independent nation-state (that part of the covenant is true) and moved in. We’re hiding from those bastards from TSA and working on a virtual thermonuclear weapon. When we’re sure it will virtually detonate, we’ll bake it into a virtual cake and get my brother at UPS, Mordecai Scaggs, to deliver it to Teleport Tom.

We’re hoping to send Tom to Condition Glow-In-The-Dark.

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Anonymous said...

I visited last night. I was curious to see a virgin sim but so much has already been done - beautiful. I'm not sure who these interlopers are, but please leave a slot or two for visiting avatars.