Monday, March 17, 2008

Pele Dismantled

Written 17 March, 2008

Pele Dismantled

In retrospect, 4 pm LST on Saturday was not the best time to have a party. Many of our friends had scheduled their own events, and others were already booked. Still, 10 of our closest friends did show up. We danced and had a good time, and then Sweetie and I blew up the Dragon Skybar. Everyone chose to watch from amidst the flames until I accidentally deleted the section on which everyone was standing. Then we all stood on the platform I had made, drinking champagne and playing with various toys like Fnordian Link's BubblePop until I accidentally deleted the platform.

Bill and Pam Havercamp had graciously agreed to play music, but I IMed Pam mid-morning to tell her so many people had given their regrets it would make little sense to come. In the midst of the dismantling I was doing before we blew up the building (taking up lights, dance poles, chairs, games, and pose balls), I missed Pam's IM, asking for a TP (stupid Communciate movie pushed it off screen to the right), so they didn't make it.

Sweetie and I dismantled much of Pele on Saturday, and finished last night. The basic elements of the volcano, the path to the summit, the walkway from the Gardens to East Beach, and Sweetie's observation platform remain, as so lots of Linden and copyable plants, but the houses, expensive transferrable plants, and many of the critters are in my inventory. Melissa Yeuxdoux's house is still in place in case she chooses to remain there until the new island arrives or the land sells.

Last thing, Sweetie and I stook on the observation deck and watched the sunset. Then I set the land to sell (32,572 acres with about 8000 prims) for $150,000L, what a bargain, and Sweetie and I moved our House of 1000 Pleasures.

I rezzed it first on my 1024 lot, but as the house and basic furnishings used every last prim and
then some, we moved it again, this time to Bill and Pam's property on Lion Sands. They had been kind enough to give me permission to put it there. Lion Sands will be our home until Whimsy is delivered.

Adieu Pele! We love you and miss you!

Photo 1: The Volcano Pele Ready for Sale

Photo 2: Pele Gardens

Photo 3: Former Site of Cheyenne's House

Photo 4: Aerial View of Pele

Photo 5: East Beach and Beyond

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