Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What's the Story Today?

"I'm sure the new clubhouse is around here somewhere..."

One of my real-life friends has a heart condition that leaves her short of breath and unable to do even simple tasks like vacuuming. She is, happily, able to get around in Second Life. She's been in world five years.

Her interests in SL mirror her interests in the real world. In her first couple of years she made more than one thousand U.S. dollars dancing on a pole. Her wit made her a favorite with customers, who tipped her generously. Today she owns a sizeable parcel on the mainland and keeps trying to form community-- and specifically a community of Southern female bikers.

She has never suffered fools gladly and she frequently feels bad, which probably explains the following:

Chey: What's with the invitation? Didn't I already join?

Sprocket: Yeah, you did, but I disbanded the group.

Chey: Same way you did last time? And the time before that?

Sprocket: Yeah. You were probably offline when I ejected you.

Chey: Okay, I'll join. But I hope this one lasts.

Sprocket: Of course it will last.


Chey: Again? You kicked me again?

Sprocket: Someone griefed the clubhouse. I'm tired of this shit. I'm done. I closed the group.

Chey: Then why did I just get a blue menu with an invitation?

Sprocket: I just now changed my mind, okay?


Chey: You're resigning as President?

Sprocket: Yup. I turned over duties to Judge Camper.

Chey: You-- wait a minute! Judge Camper? Judge Camper? This Judge Camper?

Sprocket: Yes. Why?

Chey: Judge Camper's a guy. Or he used to be, anyway.

Sprocket: So? Half my ladies are guys. Maybe all of them.

Chey: I'm sure you're right. Second Life is confusing sometimes. But why are you resigning?

Sprocket: I'm tired of the shit.

Chey: I hear that.


Chey: What? You're back as President?

Sprocket: Yes.

Chey: I didn't know you could do that. Just take a presidency back, I mean.

Sprocket: You can when you own the group.


Chey: You resigned again?

Sprocket: I did.

Chey: That's what? Seven times in nine days? And I was kicked three times this week.

Sprocket: Four.

Chey: I never participate. Why do you keep inviting me?

Sprocket: You're my friend. I wouldn't feel right if I didn't invite you.


Chey: ANOTHER new clubhouse?


Sweetie: Chey, why are you in six groups with nearly identical names?

Chey: Don't ask.

Sweetie: And why do I keep getting invitations to join a motorcycle club?

Chey: Don't ask.


Chey: Sprocket, It's been a week now with no resignations, new clubhouses, mass expulsions, or group closings? What gives?

Sprocket: You've not given me any shit yet.

Chey: Er, Sprocket, how many people are in the group?

Sprocket: Two.

Chey: I thought so.

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