Monday, June 24, 2013

Farewell, SLB10

The Second Life 10th Birthday Celebration closed today. Featuring 22 sims crammed with citizen-based art, performances of all types, and, because it's the Decennial, a heavy dose of history, there was too much to do. Sweetie and I settled for a sampling.

Marianne McCann (who points out in her blog her being denied involvement in SLB5 because she has a child avatar, was a sim coordinator this year and did a marvelous job tracing the history of Second Life from its conception to its beta through today via billboards and objects dating all the way back to the beginning of the world. I was so immersed I forgot to take photos. Fortunately, the sims were open when, just after midnight, I jumped back to take the photos above and below this paragraph.

Here's a recent interview of Marianne by SL Newser. She tells DrFran Babcock she was inspired by the 1933 Century of Progress Exhibition in Chicago:

I have to wonder what Marianne's inventory must be like for her to be able to produce objects like these, from the earliest days of SL:

So, kudos, Marianne! You did a great job. The graphics were wonderful, the objects amazing, and the feel of the build captured what it must have been like to have been alive in Chicago in 1933.

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