Friday, June 21, 2013

Meanwhile, Back at the Volcano...

Before: 18 Prims for the Lava, and the Seams Sometimes Showed
After: 3 Prims, No Seams. That's a New Texture on the Solid Lava at Right
Rebuilding the volcano wasn't all about the scripting. There were primitives to modify.

The biggest change was to the lava bed. It was made before we could stretch prims to 64 meters. Each of the three semi-transparent layers of lava were comprised of six prims, for a total of 18, in total. I removed five of the prims from each layer, saving 15 prims, ta daaa!

I had taken pains with the original layers, making the edge transparent and aligning them perfectly via mathematics, but the seams sometimes showed-- especially with all the smoke particles. Now the entire pool is without seams. Yay!

My final post about the volcano will be about the temple, which I am now preparing to rebuild. I expect it will take a while to meet Sweetie's strict specifications.

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