Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Full Erupt Mode!: Part II. Whimsy Arrives

Cheyenne Does Acrobatics Above the Volcano Pele on Whimsy

Five years and two months ago we purchased our sim, Whimsy.

We had our choice of default terrain designs, from perfectly flat to mountainous. We chose mountainous.

Here's Sweetie's photo of us lying on a spit of land on the newly-arrived Whimsy.

We spent two days rezzing every stupid high-prim object in our inventories...

... and then returning them.

On a little platform one hundred meters or so above the land, we created a grid and pushed prims around to simulate terrain shapes.

Once the design was fixed in our minds, I flattened the sim and terraformed it to approximate our vision. Then Sweetie used the Mac program Backhoe to complete the design.

Our goal was to create a tropical archipelago much like the Hawaiian islands. In fact, Hawaii was our ideal. Here's a photo of one of the island with the newly-terraformed Pele volcano behind it.

We were, of course, working on a hugely smaller scale, but I like to think we got the feel of the islands just right.

Sweetie's idea was to have the highest spots on the western side of the sim, with decreasing elevations as we worked westward. This would, we hoped, make for stunning vistas. When we started adding prims, we got just what we had hoped for.

Dramatic View Inside the Hollow Volcano Pele, Whimsy

Whimsy. Viewed From the Far Side of Whimsy Kaboom

Whimsy, Viewed from Whimcentricity

Whimsy and Whimsy Kaboom, Viewed from Whimcenetricity

View from Upper Gardens, Whimsy

Whimsy's Terrain Adds Drama to This Photo

Whimsy, Shortly After its Creation

The Volcano Pele, as Viewed from a Hanging Bridge

View of Whimsy from Path to the Upper Gardens

Looking Southwest from Sim Center, Whimsy

Next: The Volcano Goddess Moves to Whimsy

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