Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Full Erupt Mode: Part III. The Volcano Goddess Moves to Whimsy

The Lava Pool of the Volcano Pele at Whimsy

"There? You want to put me there?"

Pele the volcano goddess was not happy with my first snapshots of Whimsy.

"It will be great, I promise. First we'll raise the land."

"High? Really high?"

"Really, really high. And then we'll create the caldera."

"Will there be lots of lava?"


"Really lots? I'm thinking I should maybe stay here at Forsaken."

"Thousand of years of Polynesian history will be squashed flat as a pancake if you stay here. The first idiot who buys the plot will level the land and put up an ugly cabin. And on Whimsy no one can throw up a vampire castle next door that's taller than you are."

"For real?"

"For real."

"Good. I can't see myself living in an ugly cabin."

"I can't either. We're going to treat you right on Whimsy."

"Will I have a lava pool?"

"Of course you will. Hot and red."

"Will I have an erupt mode?"

"The best ever."

"I liked the last erupt mode. It will be difficult to beat."

"Trust me."

"Will there be a lava flow down the mountain?"

"Sure there will. Two if you want."

"And a temple?"

"Yes, a temple. And I have something special for you."

"You're not going to try to make me accept sacrifices again,are you? You know I'm not that kind of volcano goddess."

"No, no, nothing like that. The knife and bloodstain on the altar are, er, just for show."

"What special thing do you have for me?"

"How would you like to have the ability to throw hot smoking, sizzing boulders eighty or ninety meters into the air? Dozens of them."

"Are you kidding? I'd love that! Please tell me you're not talking about particles."

"No, no, prims. Big prims. The smoke particles just supplement them."

"I like the idea of throwing boulders. Can I start now?"

"Not quite yet, old girl. Let us build the volcano first. And let me tell you about the best thing of all."

"What's that?"

"When everything is finished we're going to blow out the back side of the mountain. The entire back side."

"I'll be hollow again last last time?"

"Better than that. An entire flank will be open to the air. Your backside will be gone."

"I'll feel naked."

"No you won't. You won't even notice."

"I get right to final approval. It's in my contract."

"You'll love it. I promise."

I gave Pele everything I promised.

Erupt Mode on Whimsy
The Erupt Mode Generates Thick Smoke

Throwing Boulders at Whimsy

The Temple to Pele at Whimsy
"Hon, I think we need to lower the land here a bit!"

Lava Flow at Whimsy
Next: I Redo the Erupt Mode

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