Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Movie Poster

Over at New World Notes I read about Strawberry Singh's challenge to other bloggers: put our avatar into a movie poster. The movie can be real or otherwise.

How could I resist that?

I spent a couple of hours this evening-- time when I could have been building jewelry or repeatedly falling out of the sky-- to create the above poster. It's a reasonable copy of the poster for the film Emmanuelle:

I was unable to find the fonts used-- most likely they were created for the film-- but I was able to approximate them. I put less text at the bottom because let's face it, production credits for my knockoff were limited to myself. I did, however, manage to line up an all-star cast.

I made the avatar's image by putting myself against a black backdrop and focusing on the lower part of my face. I sat on a poseball so I wouldn't move and used Outy Banjo's great HUD emoter to open my mouth. I took a dozen or so snapshots before I got one with my mouth set just right. I loaded the photo into the free photo manipulation program GIMP and cut out the section I wanted. Then I removed my avi's teeth and changed the angle of the chin and the cut of the mouth opening to more closely approximate the original poster. After that I added fictitious credits, and Bob's your uncle.

I was hampered a bit by the resolution of my crop, but I made it work. The text is readable after doubling the size of the poster; before I did that, it wasn't.

It was fun, but I have a lot of falling out of the sky to catch up on, so I'm signing off.


Strawberry Singh said...

Wow so similar to the original, great job on this!

Cheyenne Palisades said...

Thanks, Strawberry,and thanks for the challenge!