Saturday, March 19, 2011

What's New

Here I'll be highlighting a new or existing feature on our sims, or something Sweetie and I have created. I'll update the page every now and again. Readers can scroll down for earlier features.

The Temple of Doom

18 March, 2011

Beneath This Calm Surface ...


...And Through This Pipe ...

... Lies the Temple of Doooom!

We've been reworking the terrain on the western half of Whimcentricity to reroute the labyrinth. That's because the southwest corner is now part of the four-sim stage area set up by our neighbor to the south, Leaf Shermer.

The path for the new labyrinth is laid out, subject to a polishing by Sweetie in Backhoe, a Mac program that develops terrain maps. But the big news is an underwater temple or ruin. The top floor will host art exhibits, and the bottom floor...

Well, the bottom floor is pure Indiana Jones. Think snakes, piranha, giant mousetraps, dancing lobsters, and a giant tiki who throws smoulder rocks at passers-by-- with everything curtained in inky blackness (which is yet to be installed).

The build is far from complete, but open for walkthroughs.

Rockets and Such

3 February, 2011

Whimsy has had quite a few tweaks lately. There are new bridges and cuddle areas on Whimsy Kaboom, a new grass texture for the third level of terrain on Whimsy, and nice low-lag one-prim butterflies here and there. But the things that are the most fun make Whimsy more dangerous rather than more beautiful.

There's now a Don't Sit in the Geyser poseball on Whimcentricity. Avatars walking toward the renegade geyser Gary encounter a barricade and a warning sign. If they choose to disregard it and sit in the geyser anyway, all I can say is, I hope they're taken out Whimsurance-- and the rider!

I cannot fail to suggest you ride the V2 rocket here on Whimsy Kaboom.It will blast you realistically into space. Be sure to look down, as the ground dropping away is an awesome sight. The rocket is a teleporter (avatars will wind up anywhere in the sim, as set by the owner). And yes, it's for sale, $795 on the SL Marketplace and $750L in world.

A Whimsical Christmas

29 November, 2010

Whimsy had a freak Thanksgiving snowstorm, and now the land is white. I said what the heck and set out Christmas decorations. I had a talk with Leaf Shermer, and we decided to make Whimsical Mischief the source of all Christmas tackiness. I put out every stupid high-prim, full-bright, badly-textured Christmas hoohaw in my Inventory. See it here.

New Teleport Board

November, 2011

Tonight I replaced Whimsy's old teleport sign with this one:

The old board was designed to look like the signs used by the National Park Service here in the U.S. The new sign is brass, with engraved lettering. From the sign, visitors can visit ten of Whimsy's points of interest. The sign sits at the entry point to Whimsy, here. (Late Note: With Sweetie's help, I moved the sign; now it sits at the bottom of the entrance ramp.)

The Bob Saga

Late September, 2010 through Halloween

Ongoing coverage of the kidnapping of our bobbing bird is keeping me busy in this blog. Whimsy has a few Halloween decorations, but otherwise our sims are unchanged. Start reading The Bob Saga here.

Whimsical Mischief

16 October, 2010

Sweetie and I have been working on the new terrain for Whimsical Mischief. She has created a remarkable underwater landscape which will soon enough be filled with wildlife, caves, and a rail line. She's still smoothing out the edges before we put prims down.

3 October, 2010

We have a new sim on our little grid-- Whimsical Mischief. There's not much there yet, but do cruise by every now and again and watch it as it develops.We're in terraforming mode this weekend.

The Follow Virtual World Tour In a Day Concert

25 September, 2010

The Follow concert last night, spanning four sims on our bloc, was fabulous. Here's the writeup.

New Sims for Whimsy and Eccentricity

13 September, 2010

The big news around Whimsy and Eccentricity this week is the upcoming addition of two sims to our little bloc of four. Whimsical Mischief, which until now was positioned one grid square north of Whimsy Kaboom, will be moved south of Kaboom, and Leaf Shermer's new homestead sim Idiosyncrasy has already been delivered. It sits west of her sim Eccentricity.

Stay tuned for further developments


7 September, 2010

One of Whimsy's newer features is a nice little swamp near its southeast corner. See if you can find it!

Whimsy, Beautiful and Dangerous!

Hidden Whimsy

31 August, 2010

The theme of Whimsy is Beautiful and Dangerous. For every breaktaking spot, there's a pirinha waiting to bite or a hot smoking lava rock about to fall on your head. Hey, don't blame us for living in a geothermally active area! It's why we give out hard hats!

To illustrate our theme, we've created two sets of teleportals. One leads folks to Whimsy's most beautiful spots...

... the other to its most dangerous.

To use the portals, click the door to open, then click the spiral to teleport. Near each landing point you'll find a door that will take you to your next destination. Eventually, you'll wind up back at the starting point.

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