Friday, March 25, 2011

Thank the Goddess for Prim Storage!

Written 25 March, 2011

Thank the Goddess for Prim Storage

Sweetie thinks I'm obsessively crazy.

Because I organize my clothing by designer instead of making up ridiculous names for my outfits? You know, like Trapezoid Madness or Slim Cell Shady or Majestic Nothingness. But not, that's not why?

Because I finally got my inventory count below hers? No, that's not it either.

It's because of my prim storage.

When it became clear to me that sometimes things disappear from inventory through no fault of one's own and that the Lindens are uninclined to do anything about it,  I made a little platform high above my then-property on the Forsaken sim and named it Chey's Prim Storage. New as I was, I had plans to rent prims for storage and become Second Life's Ansche Chung of backup storage. If you don't know who Ansche is, just substitute Donald Trump, but make him female. I know what with The Donald's hairpiece and all it's difficult to get one's mind around the concept, but just do it.

So, I have this platform above my now-home of Whimsy, and on it are placed .5-meter cubes which contain objects with HoverText for a variety of categories: Chey's Clothes, Chey's Skins,  Chey's Shoes (I had to go to a 1-meter box to fit them all in!), Books, Vehicles, Linden Bears, Household Goods, Textures, Landscaping, Animals, Freebies Weapons, and even one for my Holiday stuff-- maybe 75 boxes altogether. I've filled them with copyable things from my inventory and with things for which I have no immediate use.

Whenever I buy something that's copyable, I place a copy of the unopened box in a temporary folder; then, once a month or so I go to my prim storage platform and unload the contents into the boxes.

Whenever I need something I have stored-- one never knows, after all, when there'll be an urgent need for a flying hot dog-- I go by Prim Storage and pick it up.

And whenever stuff disappears from my inventory I stop by to see if there's a copy waiting happily for me in one of the boxes.

Prim Storage didn't help much when my bling all got zapped;  that's because most of my jewelry was no-copy. But usually I can find whatever I can't locate.

Now, to stay I'm fond of my skin would be an understatement; I've worn it exclusively since my third day in Second Life four-and-a-half years ago. I had all the varieties that interested me, save one, which I bought before the sign fully rezzed and got in a pale shade.

I'd been meaning to go back and pick it up in the correct olive shade, but when I finally got around to it the skins were no longer on display. OMFG!

I dropped a landmark on the maker and he responded on one of his now-infrequent trips to SL. He made me a good price and I bought the missing makeup.

All was well and good until I was dressing day-before-yesterday and couldn't find my new purchase in my inventory. It wasn't anywhere.

So, this afternoon I took myself up to prim storage, looked in the skins box, and there it was! Emotional breakdown forestalled.

For those of you with an emotional investment in your objects, you might consider making a  cube or two and stuffing it with copyable things you'd have trouble replacing. You can leave the filled box on the land or take in your inventory.

You don't really need 75 boxes-- and for that matter, neither do I. I could pack them all into one cube and leave one prim  on the land. I don't do that because I'm always updating the boxes and don't want to be bothered with unpacking-- but a single prim would suffice.

Chey Admires Her New Makeup

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