Saturday, March 19, 2011

Me is Hating On Blogger Right Now

Note: I fixed the Blogger boo-boos referred to in the post that follows.

Written 19 March, 2011

Me is Hating on Blogger Right Now

Blogger has the annoying-- more than annoying-- habit of adding code. Looking at the HTML of any of my blogposts I see repetitive instances of setting fonts and alignment where fonts and alignments haven't been changed.

Another of Blogger's bad habits is adding blank lines. Grrr!

The previous post is a copy of the New tab at the head of the blog. I spent several hours tonight trying to reformat it after adding new information at the top. Every month I've been struggling.

And so the previous post is the contents of the new tab. Note the extra lines and font inconsistencies. They're not my doing. It's bad Blogger's fault.

Next time I report on something new on the Whimsy sims I'll start a new file over at New. It's just too much trouble modifying existing posts.


Brinda said...

Yes Chey, what ive learned to do is to format/edit my basic text on notepad... copy/paste into a new post html.
The added spacing really bugged me untill I did it that way.

{I finally figured that out after I misspelled the title one day and saw the misspell was url no matter what I edited}

Melissa Yeuxdoux said...

Yes... the new editor has this bad habit of inserting stray DIVs where you wouldn't expect; I have to go through editing the HTML to excise them before I post... or afterwards when I see loads of white space at the end of a post.