Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Written 1 March, 2011


Once again Second Life has provided a reprise of a real-life experience.

I'm fortunate to have a week every fall on Cape Cod. Most years the weather is cooperative enough to allow a whalewatching trip. Some years are better than others, but I've never missed seeing whales.

I took the topmost photo in 2003. Maybe because I live inland and don't get to see the ocean much, I was impressed with the aluminum foil look of the water.

I snapped the second and third photos last night on Whimsy Kaboom. If only I had managed the angle a little better, I could have captured Kaboom's seabirds. The shots do show some nice water effects, though.

(One of my favorite things in Second Life is Kailou Splash's blue whale. Four years ago my neighbor and friend Dodgeguy Woodward, who was moving to a new home, was kind enough to give me his. I plunked him (or her, as I found out later) into the lagoon and brought him with me to Whimsy a year later. Two more of Mr. Splash's whales cavort in the ocean on our Whimsy Kaboom sim. I like to stand on the decks and watch them play. Sometimes it pays off).

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