Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Comment Latency: Nearly Three Years

Written 31 March, 2011

Comment Latency: Nearly Three Years

Some anonymous person just left this comment on a post I wrote in November, 2008-- two and a half years ago. That's like 20 years ago in sped-up Second Life time. The post was about the then new OS Grid, and you can read it here. Here's what Anonymous wrote:
I hardly think your stating the truth here.. I run "SIX" Sims at once and never see a issue with the Physics engine. No one I know loses their hair. Maybe you have a extremely poor internet connection.. Personally I think you are just here to Troll with lies and non facts.
Two and a half years ago the physics engine on the OS Grid has serious problems. Today it still isn't up to snuff-- there are still no vehicles, for example. No vehicles

News to you, Anonymous. Here's what the OpenSim Wiki has to say:

OpenSimulator lacks support for many of the game-specific features of Second Life (on purpose), while pursuing innovative directions towards becoming the bare bones, but extensible, server of the 3D Web... OpenSimulator is getting more stable as it approaches release 1.0, but we still consider it alpha software; so should you.
So, anonymous, since you called me a troll while blowing it out your a**, let me say in all sincerity: eff off.


Brinda said...

Chey... there is one rather famous blogger that requires a name in order to post. I've decided as apparently you have, to post anonymous comments.
Or at least the first one... all future comments from those I perceive as being from the same person I will hold.
I didn't moderate comments at all until someone posted a comment that I could see Blogger would see as "adult".
As for your "new best friend" lol.../me wonders where they were running 6 sims?

Cheyenne Palisades said...

I've been getting lots of spam, mostly bad English text saying the like my blog and by the way, here are some great penis enlargement techniques. For this reason I have the blog on moderation. I could have used the match-the-letter thing, but moderating works for me and has to be less annoying for commenters. I usually have their remarks up in a few hours.