Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Botgirl Muses on the Muse

Written 1 March, 2011

Botgirl Muses on the Muse

Last month Botgirl Questi wrote a blog about creativity and the muse. You should all go there right now and read it.

Botgirl was talking about both creativity and relationships. I'm a big believer in working things out while I sleep, so I especially like the following, as applied to creativity:.
Trying to power through a creative block is usually futile. It's usually better to take a break and let the Muse do the work. Instead of running from difficult relationships and projects, some of us habitually attempt to power through relational and creative blocks with urgent brute force. Although this can be an effective approach in short bursts, it is not a sustainable strategy. Blockages are a natural part of the creative and relational cycle when we are working within our depths. The key is to have enough confidence in an eventual resolution to "Let go and let Muse". Any in-progress work of mine that gets cranky is sent to bed for a nap.

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