Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Written 22 February, 2011


While Sweetie is coping with 8" of snow in the northern climes, it's been glorious here in Atlanta. For the past ten days or so I've been walking daily around the lake and woodland trails beside my house. So handy! I just log out and go out the door. It's the logging out part that's hard.

There's a lot of wildlife about, which might sound surprising, since my little community is just 10.5 miles from this:

We have a lake full of fish, muskrats, beaver, all sorts of waterfowl, songbirds, hawks, a pandemonium of squirrels, and even deer.

I've been hanging my Canon Rebel digital SLR around my neck and taking it with me, becoming more comfortable with its controls and exploring its many functions.

Turtles love to crawl out of the cold water and sun themselves on trees which have fallen into the lake. I took the top photo on Thursday or Friday.

Over the weekend I remembered I had in my inventory a nice little turtle from Animania. This evening I placed it in the little swamp on Whimsy's eastern shore, perched on a dead tree from Pillow Talk. You can see Mr. Turtle in the second photo, above.

Here's another photo from real life, same day:

Here's the same photo after Sweetie pounded it in GIMP. Big improvement, huh?

See Mr. Turtle in world here.

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