Thursday, February 3, 2011

Things Quietly Get Better

Written 3 February, 2011

Things Quietly Get Better

Yeah, I know the grid is rife with rumors that Linden Lab is setting itself to be purchased, and I know that could easily happen.

Still, some things are quietly getting better.

I hardly ever crash any more. I attribute that partly to the good folks at Phoenix, but partly, too, to the Lab.

Textures rez far faster these days. This is due in part to Phoenix, but due also to new data-handling algorithms of the lab.

While they still leave a lot to be desired, sim crossings are fastr and smoother these days. This is because of new data compression techniques instituted by the lab. This may be why I sometimes get an error message when crossing sim lines on Whimsy and have to relog; if so, it's just a growing pain and should soon go away.

I've not seen one of those Please Don't Rez Prims warnings lately.

I can think of a dozen more small improvements that make my Second Life experience better.

Thank you, Phoenix people.

And thank you, Linden Lab.


Tinsel Silvera said...

I too have been experiencing better sim crossings, less (as in no) crashes and quicker texture renderings. However I only use the LL V2.6.x so all my gratitude goes to the Lab on those things. Glad to see things are getting better for people.

Brinda said...

Yes...I'm sometimes as bad as others about complaining, and yet when I look back 3 years things really are a lot better.
('cept search! ) =^..^=