Friday, February 4, 2011

Concurrency Up?

Written 4 February, 2010

Concurrency Up?

Over at New World Notes, Hamlet Au is still being pessimistic about the future of Second Life. He continues to see our future in social networks, and especially Facebook. Meanwhile, he continues to be strangely optimistic about the virtual world Blue Mars, despite the recent announcement by Avatar Reality (the parent company) that they're ending development for PC and Macs and working only on software for hand-held devices like the iPad. I guess that means the invasion is cancelled.

Hamlet compares SL metrics for 2010 to 2009 and concludes, based on slight declines in user hours and such that even establish users are spending less time in world. He then suggests, using the increase in sales of virtual goods on the SL Marketplace last year, that Linden Lab should be spending more time and money on web-based virtual sales.

I see a rosier future. Linden Lab's efforts to improve Second Life's infrastructure are paying off with better performance and stability, and (this is based solely on my experience), concurrency is way up the last quarter or so. The Lab seems to have stopped, at least for the time being, dumping on residents (although the recent decision to end land discounts for nonprofits and educational corporations was inexcusable).I know my own attitude, which was dour this time last year, has improved. I suspect others are feeling more optimistic as well? Readers, your feelings? I've love to hear them.

Despite Hamlet's been going on about Avatar Reality's repurposing-- what was it he called it? Sidestepping? Going back to the drawing board? Admitting you screwed up? Oh, yeah, he referenced a post by Grace McDunnough, who called it pivoting. He continues to suggest ways for Second Life to "pivot." Become Facebook. Become Minecraft. And now, become a seller of virtual goods.

You know, when and if Linden Lab ever "pivots," abandoning its responsibility to its landowners and residents and in consequence ruining my in-world experience, that's when I'll pick up my prims and move to the OS Grid.

Meanwhile, I'm cautiously optimistic.

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Whatcha Eaton said...

Like you, I'm generally pleased with what I see LL trying to do with regards to stability and features. They're far from perfect when it comes to decisions and even worse at follow-through but I do think they are trying. (Even if what they are trying to do and what most users want are somewhat at odds.)

As for the author of NWN... his is my go-to portal when I want to see what others are blogging and tweeting about. I did notice some original material there once but passed it by. :D