Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Don't Sit in the Geyser!

Written 1 February, 2011

Don't Sit in the Geyser!

I just finished another project.

On Whimcentricity are three tiny humps of land, connected by Japanese-style bridges. Each features a geyser. The center geyser fires off regularly at a quarter till the hour, and the westernmost erupts at 7 and 31 minutes after the hour. The third geyser erupts when it damn well feels like it. We call it Gary because the name just seems to fit.

I just finished a project I started a year or so ago. Woo hoo, for closure!

An invisible rezzer prim sits a couple of meters above Gary. In rezzes a prim that appears just at Gary's mouth, with hovertext that reads "Don't sit in the geyser!"

I've placed a construction barricade on the walkway with a warning sign that reads "
Caution: Renegade Geyser." Smaller print below says "Do not sit in geyser!"

Just visible above the top of the barricade is the poseball. Of course people will sit on it!

Upon sitting (or left clicking), the avatar is thrown into mouselook. Gary begins to erupt, building pressure. After a few seconds there's a popping sound and the avatar is tossed hundreds of meters into the sky. Silly. And fun.

Of course, the geysers are sight to see in themselves. Come to Whimcentricity and experience them. Remember, the biggest geyser goes off at a quarter till the hour.

And remember-- Gary is ready when you are.

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