Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ride the Leaf

Written 1 February, 2011

Ride the Leaf

A while back, Sweetie picked up a ridable leaf  at Pandora Wriggleworth's great Curio Obscura store.

What can I say-- Sweetie is a fool for silly gadgets and absurd means of transportation. Which, I guess, is why she likes my Kaboom rocket.

Her leaf has been hanging several hundred meters above the seat platforms on Whimsy Kaboom, high enough so only she and I knew about it.

Today I made a little platform to stand on placed it alongside the leaf.

I made a sign in GIMP and placed it at what has become the Whimsy Kaboom teleport center, here.

I added my teleport script, set the destination for the platform I'd just build, and voila! Now the leaf is accessible without having to fly up and search for it.

Chey rides the leaf. Note the humpback at  bottom left.

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