Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gone is Gone!

What's Wrong With This Picture?
Written 22 February, 2011

Gone is Gone!

I can't stand Linden Lab's 2.x viewers, and so consequently I use Phoenix. I like it. A lot.

One of Phoenix' more interesting features is derender. From the pie menu you can make any object or person disappear. It's handy when obnoxious people are present; you mute and derender them, and they're just... gone.

Until now crossing a region border or teleporting to a new sim would reset all derendered objects; they would e visible again.

But with Phoenix' latest release-- derender is permanent. Once an object is gone, it's gone, and you can't see it, even with Highlight Transparent enabled. Ever. Again.

I found this out the hard way today. When preparing the last post I derendered the floating platform at the game area.because it kept getting in the way when taking photographs. Later, I derendered some plants at the swamp area at Whimsy so I could grab and manipulate a 100% alpha fog emitter.

This evening I teleported to the game area to play mahjong. When I arrived the table was there, but the platform wasn't.

I relogged. Same problem.

I flew to the marsh to check on the derendered plants there. Didn't see them.

I searched the web and found a JIRA for permanent derender. From there I went to the release notes and discovered derender is now permanent; objects will show only if you remove them from the blacklist.

Great. Where's the blacklist?

Maybe the preference menu... Phoenix tab... Nope... Network & Folders... Nope.

Maybe it's on the hard drive... C:\... Program Files... Phoenix Viewer... app_settings...Nope... llplugin... Nope.

Surprisingly, I found no FAQ on the Phoenix website. I did find an in-world support group and joined. With nearly 9000 members it was not working properly, but repeately typing queries that weren't posted finally resulted in a reply. The blacklist was in the Phoenix menu at the top of the screen.


Problem resolved.

It's Gone!
It's Back!


Anonymous said...

Nice, this was exactly that i was looking for, thanks for clearing that up, i usually de-render stuff to make some screenshots and was surprised when objects didin't come back after i relogged, i even had one of my friend de-rendered so was kind of annoyed by this.

red said...

I derendered a megaprim because it kept getting in the way of grabbing smaller prims and when it didn't come back I didn't know what to do! Derender is such a useful tool, but it's even more useful when you know how to get it back afterwards. Thank you so much!

InstantKarma said...

Bless you!

I'd derendered the deck at my house and jeebus, it was driving me nuts.