Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Kaboom Rocket is Finished!

1 February, 2010

The Kaboom Rocket is Finished and For Sale!

I'm happy to say my little rocket is complete and for sale.

It's essentially a teleport device, just one with a NASA pedigree. The avatar sits on the rocket, which counts down and blasts off in a plume of blue flame and thick black smoke. The rockets cut out at three or four hundred meters; as apogee nears, the rear nozzel is ejected and falls away. The rocket tips back toward earth. Then, just when you think you're going to plunge those final seveal hundred meters and smash in the ground the rocket explods. A second alter the rider finds him or herself at a destination previously chosen by the rocket's owner.

I have to say I've ridden the rocket several hundred times. Some of the trips were to tweak settings, but just as many more were done purely for fun. With mouselook set and my camera directed toward the ground I get to see the earth drop away just like in those old NASA videos. I just don't seem to get tired of it.

For those who would like to ride the rocket, it's at sea level on Whimsy Kaboom. Here's the SLURl. Ride as    often as you'd like.

The test rocket on display will teleport you back to the sea platform where the rocket is to be found-- but the rocket can TP its rider anywhere on the sim, up to 4100 meters.

I've decided to sell the Kaboom rocket for $750L. If you would like one of your own, you can buy it from the sign leaning against the rocket's launch pad. The rocket is modifiable (prims only, not scripts) and copyable.

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