Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Whimsy Rail

What Looks Like This Above the Surface...

... Looks Like This Under the Surface

Written 27 April, 2008

Whimsy Rail

Sweetie and I have been laying track for the Whimsy Transportation Authority, which pressed us into service under the National Pretend Emergency Act of 2002. We grumbled and complained, but in the interest of good citizenship we worked on the railroad all the livelong day.

The WTA has some highfalootin' ideas. Imagine! They call the train an Avatar Mobilization Unit! And they claim the line has been accident-free since 2008. Wait a minute! It IS 2008!

The Whimsy line will come in from Whimsy Kaboom, our as-yet-undelivered-and-I'm-pissed-at-the-Lindens-for-taking-their-time light sim. After winding through columns of black lava rock, the track snakes through the eroded area under the volcano Pele, descending to sea level and continuing to dive until the train is submerged. The track then winds through the sim from south to north, mostly underwater, before exiting onto Whimsy Kaboom.

We kept the rails underwater so it wouldn't clutter up Whimsy's beautiful terrain.

The train is rideable, but piles up when it hits the bumper at track's end and flies back to its home at the start of the line. Already it's a really nice ride-- but we may have to issue freebie aqualungs at the last stop before it takes its dive.

Kitto Flora's great steam train can be purchased at the Wish sim.

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